Sanctus Est

“Reading about nature is fine, but if a person walks in the woods and listens carefully, he can learn more than what is in books, for they speak with the voice of God.” - G.W. Carver

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Late night surfing

Well it's late. It's around 11:30pm.
Went to cell group tonight and it was cool. Well it was okay.
It wasn't brilliant or gob smackingly amazing but it nice to hang
out with people and got some positive stuff.

Hmmm I think I'm going through a transformation at the mo;
with the church difficulties and thoughts on Catholicism. It's just
interesting to see how all of this will go. Been to a RC church
the other day, just praying. I woke up in a bad mood that day
and I'm glad I went.

I have a casual job so yay I can get some cash.
Involves working for a company's Interior designer.
Basicly lifting and assembling flat-pack furnature in apartments
around East London. Also helping to make the apartments look
presentable. Good for getting to know even more about the city
and of course assembling furniture will come in handy I'm sure.
I managed to assemble two tables and four chairs on my own
from instructions yay. Not to mention all the excersise. Man am
I achey today! Yesterday was the first time I worked for them.
It's not a permanent job and they don't need me every day.
It's a bit of cash and I'm grateful for it. Still want to get a proper

Thanks to Rach, my friend from church who works with them
and got me the job! And of course thanks ultimately to God
for it all!

Well I need to get some kip. Hopefully my tutor will send my
assignment. I'm beginning to think that she's lost it!!!!

Monday, March 06, 2006


Well it's been a while!

Time to seek solice in writing and reflecting!
Been busy for the past few days. Been doing a lot of
studying to get my Assignment finished. It's going
quite well. Right now though I need a break! Didn't
sleep so well last night. The cat jumped on me at
about 4am. Couldn't get to sleep properly after

Hmmm well...
Haven't done anything to my other site for a while.
I've been reading up on Catholicism and been
continuing a journey. The more I find out, the more
I feel like I may convert. The thing that attracted me
in the first palce was their love of God, the drive to
find out more about God, to get deeper in a
relationship with him and to grow in understanding.
From there I've been hooked. Truth is, I have been
so desperate for more of God that I have opened up
to possibilities. I had never before entertained the
idea that the Catholics might be right in their
doctrines (the ones that differ from Protestant ones).
You can't knock them unless you delve deeper and
find out what their arguments are. It also takes a
degree of faith I think. Just like in Christianity
generally. You don't understand everything
about it but you're willing to give it a go.

I'm certainly in that place with Catholicism. I'd
like to read Story of a Soul by St Therese of
Lisieux next. If only I had the money...

I went to Mass on Sunday and it was pretty cool!
I will check out other denominational churches
as well. Seeing if God wants to move me from my
current church and seeing if he's leading me
towards Catholicism. The church I went to is defo
an option on my list.

A few days ago I found a poem on here that I
wrote ages ago! I was really suprised that I
managed to write it and even more suprised was
that I wrote it quite quickly. I'm going to post it
again because I love it! I did change the very last
line though because I thought it sounded right.
Here it is:

As I look into a window called fantasy,
Wisdom glows bright.
The light shimmers from her eyes,
And tells of delight.

Understanding and over-ruled by love,
She glides over the surface,
Guided by one true love.

Peace and serenity are in her eyes,
And experience,
A tale of many woes,
Spoken from a past life.

Now complete happiness guides her eyes,
And they speak,
They tell of truth and born majesty.

A crown is placed on her head,
And jewels glitter on her robe,
But all the more powerful and potent,
Is her fire within.

Inspired by Galadriel.