Sanctus Est

“Reading about nature is fine, but if a person walks in the woods and listens carefully, he can learn more than what is in books, for they speak with the voice of God.” - G.W. Carver

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Random poem!

I just wrote this now!

As I look into a window called fantasy,
Wisdom glows bright.
The light shimmers from her eyes,
And tells of delight.

Understanding and over-ruled by love,
She glides over the surface,
Guided by one true love.

Peace and serenity are in her eyes,
And experience,
A tale of many woes,
Spoken from a past life.

Now complete happiness guides her eyes,
And they speak,
They tell of truth and born majesty.

A crown is placed on her head,
And jewels glitter on her robe,
But all the more powerful and potent,
Is herself.

Inspired by Galadriel.

Thursday, April 21, 2005


I'm finally typing another post!
Perhaps I'll do it more often now that I've sorted out
study and am set on the right tracks.

I've been reading the Narnia Chronicles again!
Hurrah! It's jolly good lol!
I was actually suprised when I went back to it
(in an impressed way)! I loved it when I was younger
and I still love it now, just as much! Although this time
I understand a lot more of it! I've wanted to read them
again for a while now. I started reading the LWW a few
weeks ago, then some of Prince Caspian but left it for a while
coz of sorting study etc.

The books got me hooked in the old days and I literally couldn't
put them down! That hasn't changed! I was reading Prince Caspian
on the train back from Uni yesterday and I missed my stop coz I was
so engrossed! When I was walking from the station, I still had my
eyes glued to the pages!

Narnia never looses its magic!
All the parallels to the Bible are really interesting. I've actually
been learning things I have forgotten and certain things have
been enforced!Although I am 19 I can relate to the kids and
find myself particularly relating to Lucy. Of course I'm only
on the second book of the Chronicles but Lucy stood out. Her
comments make me laugh at times! She comes out with some
great stuff!

Anyway, the style of writting and imagery always captures
my imagination! In fact, I'd say that the books have had
a good spiritual effect on me!

The world of Narnia never ceases to amaze. It's a work of genius
combining imagination, Biblical truths (for me), mythology,
links to their present but now our history and
creating characters that everyone can relate to!
It's no mean skill! I love the quirky language too.
It's nice to read something so innocent and well meaning.
C.S. Lewis did a great job! Mayabe he even had help from someone
I know who's a lot like Aslan ;-)

Saturday, April 16, 2005



Well I just can't wait until The Lion The
Witch and The Wardrobe comes out!
I've known about the film since last year and
it's killing me!Okay well maybe I can wait and I'll
have to coz it's coming out this December!

However for you Narnia fans there is something to
hang on to! Two chapters of the Making of the film
are up on the official site in my links section but
here it is too

Here's another good site for Narnia News and you
can take a peak at the cast list! I think you'll
be happy about some of the people in the list!

NarniaWeb: Your Source for Narnia Movie News


Anyone else on here ever read the Chronicles?
Who loved it as a child and who loves it now?
Come on, fess up!

Sunday, April 10, 2005

I think I've decided to move!

Hi! Well in light of my trip to Ireland I've been thinking...
about moving there after I finish uni (1 yr and half left)! Yay!
Well I'm always banging on about nature and there was so much
that I liked about the place! I've told some friends and my parents
about the idea. My parents seemed like they approved and the friends
I've told so far about it all, like it! Of course I'll chat with my friends
out there about it too!

I want to do this for several reasons:

1. The scenery, nature and mountains etc.
2. I've been told that there's a nice sense of community.
3. Dublin's more laid back than London although I may live in Wicklow.
4. I've been at home for uni. I've lived here all my life and don't particulary
like the place :-)
5. It's the best time of my life to move somewhere if I want to. Friends
have moved on to different places over here in England.
6. It's different and I'm up for a bit of an adventure! I'm ready for a
change to my life!
7. I just have a good feel about the place!
8. I want to travel around the world but there's no one to go with.
I also want to travel as part of my job anyway.

Plus I think that God's guiding me there!

So I've been thinking about that for the past few days. It's all good!
Of course I have over a year to go before I finish uni so that's time
enough to think and talk about it all more.
I don't know how long I'd live there for but that's okay. A lot of the
things I was looking for or have liked for lifestyle can be found there
I think. I always assumed that I'd have them in England but not necissarily...

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

And I'm back!

Originally uploaded by LMiss_Sunshine.
Okay I've been back for a few days now but there we go.
Had a fantastic time out there!
Stayed with some old family friends in Southern Ireland.
Lovely people they are too!
Hopefully I'll be going back to visit in the summer!

This photo was taken of the village
that was used for the series Ballylissangel.
Had a Guinness in the pub! Had to be done really.